Precious Moment – Grocery Shuffle

Precious Autism Moment # 6475: Some people might think this is a nightmare…I consider it a precious moment, I guess it is a matter of perspective. After taking my eyes off my daughter at the grocery store for few minutes, it dawned upon me that it was time to check on her. I can usually predict where she is going…toy aisle or to look at kids shampoos. It wasn’t one of those tense moments…she  is 16 so I know where she goes and she won’t leave the store.

On this particular occasion, as I was searching for her, I had noticed a crowd gathering at the front of the store as quite the line was forming at the only check out stand that was open. There was my daughter at the front of the line negotiating with the check out person. She had decided to do some shopping on her own on the sly. She wanted to sneak over and buy the foods we won’t let her have (GFCF diet)…sans money. The look on the checkout person’s face was priceless. I arrived, redirected my daughter and we had to have a little chat about how money works.

I laughed and apologized to the checker AND the people in the lengthy line behind us. Ont this occasion, everyone was kind, patient and sympathetic. We all got a chuckle and the checkout person knows us pretty well now.




One response to “Precious Moment – Grocery Shuffle

  1. precious indeed! she might just start collecting money with a different level of interest now!

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