Precious Autism Moment #124

Shortly after my daughter was diagnosed 13 years ago, she was verbal, but not “contacting” in communation…mostly scripting, echolalia, etc.

One day, she was playing in her room and yelled, “Mom! Have you seen my Sally doll?!” pause “Never mind!”

We had never heard anything so clear and, i guess, typical sounding to date. We thought, wow, I think she’s getting better. Maybe these doctors were wrong.

Two days later, we were watching Toy Story. A character on the movie, Sid’s sister, yelled, “Mom! Have you seen my Sally doll? ….Never mind!” same pitch, same tone. She was just doing more scripting.

Shortly theafter, we discovered she can parrot the entire movie from beginning to end.


2 responses to “Precious Autism Moment #124

  1. When my son started talking around 3 1/2 he was scripting. This was his stimming, the scripting, he overcame the scripting and today is totally verbal. I was advised to jump in the scripting and ask questions and make it a conversation.

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