Time honored tradition

Precious Autism Moment #435.x

They may know me as Dad, but a lot of the time Im “not-the-mommy”.

When my daughter was about 4, I invented a good morning song  I would sing her as I woke her up in the morning to get ready for school. You have to wake her up calmly or the tantrums and resistance can change the course of the day for everybody.

Over time, it became habit to leave the last word of the song out and allow her to finish. Then a second morning song was invented. To spare text, I will just say the last words are, her name,”Shayne” and “trees” respectively.

It is priceless when I wake her in the morning and she says the last words to the song in her groggy voice as she is barely conscious.

It is also priceless when I forget and she tracks me down to tell me to “sing my good morning song” and “sing my other good morning song”.

In retrospect this was one little thing that’s helped me bond with my daughter when maybe I wasn’t tops on her list…you just can’t compete with Mommy.

It was wise of Mommy to let it be Daddy’s thing.


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