Autism boy’s thirty foot fall

What a scary moment we had a few years back.

I don’t want to share his name, but an autistic boy in my daughter’s 6th grade class went to the music store to talk about instruments after school with  mom. He was a pretty sharp kid, so you would think there wasn’t too much trouble he could get into as she talk with the clerk.

The boy had wandered a few feet away where he found access to the roof…which had a glass sun roof. He climbed on top fell through just as mom had notice him missing and slammed on the concrete floor from 30 ft high. Mom found him unconscious.

Heart sank when I heard. I had gotten to know this kid from volunteering for class field trips, etc.

He had fractured his skull and was in a coma for a couple days. He has since recovered and is back this normal self, but what experience for Mom that must have been.


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