Week Four: Waiting

This made me smile. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean to make light of the situation, cuz I totally can relate. But you just made huge leaps in becoming a better you. Perhaps that is part of your son’s purpose. Perhaps that is why that guy was in line with you for a reason…autism tolerance is not stand alone. You may never know what that guys issues were. tolerance is global. In fact, we don’t get to know anyones issues completely.

Social competitiveness is part of life…we are all guilty of infractions. Just hang out at a playground and you will see it in every kid at some point.

Autism is forcing change. As we become a better us, we influence others to be a better them.

The Diet Diaries

Standing in line for coffee this morning, I heard a repeated mumble to my right, “hi how are you hi how are you hey hi.”  At first, I didn’t even notice—it was mostly white noise amid the light chatter and 90s music playing over the speakers.  But then I realized the man standing next to me was talking to me—greeting me.  He was awkward-looking, overweight and sort of stooped, looking rather pointedly into my eyes.

“Oh!” I said, surprised.  “Hi.”  And I turned back inward, musing about whatever it was; in other words, something of no importance whatsoever.  Waiting for coffee, waiting for the weekend, waiting to see if a CF diet is affecting Logan …

Intuition?  Karma?  Something inside of me then felt profoundly sad, and I looked back toward the man, who was now—it seemed to be purposefully—looking away from me.  He was trying to be friendly, I…

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