Alert: Recent Autism Study

Alert: Recent Autism Study

It’s funny because it’s true


6 responses to “Alert: Recent Autism Study

  1. I live in a predominately Mormon community and in my small patch there doesn’t seem to be the the same 1 in 88 statistics for Autism. I have been thinking about what could be the reason for this. Your post truck me as odd, because the one thing they all have in common, they don’t eat out. I mean like never and when they do, it’s not fast food. Could this possibly be true? What a horrifying thought! I’ve got to look into this. Please let this be a joke.

    • In the 14 years since my daughter’s diagnosis we have heard countless theories and debates and controversy about what has caused the dramatic increase of diagnoses. We can think ourselves to death on this topic.

      Your Mormon community, for instance has a number of things that come to mind that make them different from the general population. They frown on caffiene. They may have less problems with air polution. They live in an area where they may grow a lot of their own food. They don’t drink alcohol (or at least not supposed to). The list goes on and on.

      One new theory that is out is the whole GMO thing. At first I was skeptical because there is a whole political element to it, but then I have been learning about Mansato’s BT Corn that was released in 1996 that is now in virtually everything we eat.

      It is still all theory. As parents of special needs kids, most of us don’t have the time or energy to research every theory out there. We are preoccupied with “living the dream”.

      These are all good questions to ask and together we can start demanding answers.

      Thanks for the comment.

  2. It’s a joke, sorry. I really got dramatic there for a moment. My apologies, I feel a little ridiculous now.

    • I don’t think that was ridiculous at all. It all starts with theory. That is what brainstorming and collaboration is all about.

    • Oh, and yeah…I made a funny. As parents of autism, we need something to laugh about…some days, that’s all you can do is laugh. But if it leads into some fruitful commentary, so be it. It’s all good, sister. ; )

  3. See that is how I read it at first and then I thought it was a comment on some kiddos having a go to food and chicken nuggets seems to be top of the list. But thank you for opening up the conversation. As far as air quality with the Mormons, we have the worst, so I don’t think that’s it. They do grow a lot of their food and raise their own meat, but they do not have a problem with GMO seed or feed. But in the end they do end up with a lot less toxins in their bodies. When my daughter was born 5 years ago the statistic was 1 in 105. I don’t think they had included Asperger’s on the spectrum yet so perhaps that is part of the rapid rise. I hear ya with the GMO corn in everything. I do my best to feed my kiddos organic and non processed, but sometimes I just want to rip open a box and throw it in the oven. Or drive through for a bag of “I don’t have to worry about dinner”. Every time I do, I feel so guilty.

    As for what the rapid rise is all about. I think maybe everyone with their far fetched ideas are right in a way. Are vaccines the source? I doubt it, are the scary additives the problem? I don’t know, no one does, there haven’t been any studies that show either way that seem trustworthy. Is it GMO, once again maybe, but not enough research. Processed food and the chemical additives? A1 vs A2 milk? Raw milk vs pasteurized? Gluten? Sugar? Byproducts in water? Chemicals in our soil? Mercury poisoning? How are we to know until we invest in some serious independent studies. If I had to hypothesize I would say it’s a combination of them all. Too much for our system and far too much for the little bodies of the young.

    The thing that I wish I could get across to all parents of children on the spectrum is “it’s not your fault”. You didn’t cause this. It’s not like someone said here is some poison for your child and you fed it to them. We have been told time and again from every direction that everything that is offered to us has been tested as safe. But hey, guilt is an emotion every good parent is going to feel. So it’s easy to blame ourselves.

    Thanks for allowing me to share my 2 cents. I’m really enjoying rummaging through your blog. Keep up the awareness.

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