I am back


It has been a while since I posted anything. Well, I am back and lots has happened.

My precious angel, Shayne, is growing up. She graduated high school and is adult transition…and, are you ready for this, she has moved into a group home and is as happy as ever.

Now, I can imaging their are mixed emotions and opinions about a group home and it is hard to imagine your child, which has been so dependent upon you for so long, can be trusted with somebody else to care for her. I also imagine there is some reservations as it may seem like you are “giving up” on your child and the progress you have (or had hoped to have) been making.

Well, in my next post, I will review our decision making journey and how we arrived at the conclusion that this is the best for her, first and foremost, and for our family as a whole.

Stay tuned.


Thank you for posting.

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