There is a lot of noise out there. As the number of autism diagnoses have increased at such a dramatic rate, autism has become big business. There are a million and one treatments, therapies and “miracle cures” out there and it is a lot to digest. Some things that sound like quackery can end up proving to be effective for your child while some fundamentals simply don’t work in your case while even some is simply just quackery. The one thing it all has in common is that it tugs at your heartstrings as you want to do anything you can for your child. Yet, as someone who loves someone with autism you simply cannot do it all and you will always have the question in the back of your mind asking you whether or not you have done enough.

As I invite you to share your tips and ideas, I remind everyone that there are no “right” answers. This site is intended for inspiration and feedback.

I also caution you as a fellow parent and someone who loves someone with autism that the definitions of “cure” and “symptom free” in the world of autism are completely subjective. The experiences of one family and each child are completely unique.

In addition, understand that the primary focus of this site is to help with these decisions from a whole family perspective. There are plenty of resources out there with information on therapies and treatments, this is not intended to replace that. My hope is that you might obtain a point of view from other parents who have made some of the choices you may be facing.


Thank you for posting.

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